Our Story

The inspiration for Gertrude’s Jazz Bar is Gertrude Stein who is famous for her appreciation of art and conversation in her legendary salon in Paris, circa 1930. We are happy to present to you a collaborative atmosphere when we can all come together for conversation and culture: music, dance, and art.

A Jazz Musician, Artist and Dancer walk into a bar…
Meet the owners of Gertrude’s Jazz Bar!

Marlina is a dancer and entrepreneur and coordinates the dance events at Gertrudes. You might find her at the hostess station or twirling around on the dance floor.

Greg is a Jazz Musician and coordinates the live music. You may find him on stage or bringing you drinks and Tapas as your server.

Kira is an accomplished painter and woodworker and hosts social artworking events and artists dinner at Gertrudes and works as a bartender.